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Article: Journal Practice - 3 prompts when feeling out of place

Journal Practice - 3 prompts when feeling out of place

Journal Practice - 3 prompts when feeling out of place

7:53 : Mood is wobbly.

Woke up early to watch the sunrise.

Brought my notebook and started writing lists about what brings me joy Vs what drains my energy.

I tend to do this every now and then to have a clear understanding about where I stand on my personal happiness chart.

It's a way for me to recalibrate. 


My morning journaling session went like this :

Doing the little things that bring me more joy and make me feel grounded.

What brings me joy ?

A smoothie that is thick and creamy
Good movies
Good movie + eating
Artistic practices
Going out for brunch
Long meaningful talks
Not being on my phone
Family time
Mountain biking
Sharing ideas with other like minded people
Simply Listening

When do I feel the most grounded ?

Not rushing to my phone first thing in the morning
Writing about my feelings
Planning my day / week 
After a cold shower
Alone time
Spa day
Intimate time
Reading Coffee + sun
The ocean
Trips (on my own terms)
Listening the Motamood playlist
Long walks When i’m in the flow (creating stuff)
Cigar talks with my dad
Post- Yoga
After making love
When making plans for the future
Learning new things
Reflecting over past experiences for lessons

What are the things that drain my energy ?

Social medias (consuming)
Talking about others (small talk & gossip)
Spending too much time on one single task trying to reach perfection
Being exposed to big crowds
Going to bed late
When I’m not writing and my mind feels cluttered and chaotic


I really think that if we just make a little more effort everyday maximizing the former (the things that bring you joy) and minimizing the latter (The things that drain you) we would feel so much more fulfilled.


Journaling tips

The goal is to write without thinking too much.

To stop judging yourself about what you should / should not write.

When it comes to journaling there are simply no rules.

There is no right or wrong way to write.

Whatever you feel IS the right way.

It’s an opportunity to express yourself in the rawest form.

No editing, no correcting, no fine tuning.

Whatever is on your mind deserves to have its place on this piece of paper.

It will bring you closer to yourself.

It’s liberating.


So find a moment to simply do this exercise by answering these 3 prompts.

1. What brings me joy ?

2. When do I feel the most grounded ?

3. What are the things that drain my energy ?


Finally, I would love to know one thing that bring you joy, one thing that grounds you and one thing that drains you. You can share in the comment section if you feel like it :) 


Ps: I just published a small book on amazon called “Introduction to journaling - 1 prompt a day for 30 days" to help people that want to start writing but don’t know how.  It’s 30 prompts (1 page a day) to “warm you up” and kick start your journaling journey. 


Thank you for reading !


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