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Article: Introduction to journaling

Introduction to journaling

Introduction to journaling

Your mind needs care too ! 

Just like you would go to the gym to stay in shape physically, the practice of daily journaling is a workout for the mind. It forces you to take a moment for yourself. Be in the present. Be aware of everything going on. Feelings, emotions, state of mind, etc... 

To force yourself to focus on one single thing - as we are constantly multi-tasking.

Our mental health should be at the top of our priority and one good way to take care of your mind on a daily basis is to declutter it. 

What does that mean ?

Just like you would clean up your room to see more clearly, your mind needs some maintenance more often than not. 

There are countless of ways you can use journaling as a tool to improve and "clean-up" your mind.

- To-do lists
- Writing down your emotions, trying to pin point how you feel
- Planification
- Goals
- Gratitude exercise; which will force you to think of things to be grateful for. (really good when you have a bad day, hard times) It makes you shift your focus to a more positive state of being.

You can use a blank notebook or a guided journal.


- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Getting to know yourself, your patterns, dig even deeper
- Getting more done in less time (better organization of tasks and time)
- Improve your mood
- More focused
- Enhances creativity
- More chance of pursuing your goals if you write them down clearly. (it propels you to achieve and stick to a vision) 


- What feels right in the moment
- If you don't want to write about it, don't.
- If it's bugging you, it's probably worth writing it down. 
- Some days you won't have anything to write and it's ok. 
- Some days you will only have one sentence to write and it's ok. 
- Some days you won't even want to grab your journaling and it's also ok. 

We put enough pressure on ourselves on a daily basis, journaling shouldn't be one. 

Use this practice as a tool and start where you are 

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