The Motamo planner FW2023

$34.00 USD

The art of slowing down and still getting stuff done... But in a more balanced way.

A 90-day undated* hybrid planner to help you balance your life.



Check-in with yourself once a month to reflect and plan with monthly prompts.


Just like the monthly check-in but on a smaller scale. Reflect on what went well and what needs to be improved. Learn to prioritize and hit your weekly goals not only productively but with yourself.


There are 90 daily pages... so one page a day. It's design is inspired by feedback from previous versions, as well as my own daily journaling methods. The daily page is where you get a glimpse of the day. From morning thoughts, priorities to bedtime reflection. 

You got it all; hence the word Hybrid. 

Designed in a straight-forward approach to make your journaling practice something you enjoy everyday.

Half a journal (reflecting prompts to slow down) and half a planner (To plan your monthly goals, weekly priorities and daily actions). 

Why 90 days ?

More motivating to achieve your goals. More often than not, it could be really intimidating to plan a full year in advance. As well as starting a new journaling practice. 

90 days. 3 months. 1 season.  Just enough to stay on track but not too long to fall off.

Different spheres of life 

While using this planner, you will learn to prioritize different spheres of life like  your relationships, your health, personal development and personal projects. It is so easy to get caught up in life by only thinking about work and getting stuff done but being productive is not enough to make you happy on the long run. Meaningful relationships, projects that you love and taking care of yourself inside-out do.


5.5 x 8" - Pocket size so you can bring it with you everywhere.


The whole planner is designed, printed and assembled by hand in Montreal.

About the paper

Premium paper, FSC certified. (What does FSC mean ?)

Cover : Cream white, textured, 176 gsm paper
Inside pages: Off-white, 90 gsm paper

About the Binding

Lay-flat binding that allows the planner to stay open and not lose space while writing.
Dark Green.

About the chain of production

The planner is first printed in a local printer in Montreal, it is then shipped out to a local studio where it is assembled. The lay-flat binding requires a hand-made process.


Every piece of the planner is carefully chosen to be as environmental-friendly as possible. Our paper is made with recycled fibers.

Illustrations, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Template

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