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Introduction to journaling

30 prompts for 30 days; If you don't know where to start, start here. Think of it as your personal journaling sidekick, filled with all the prompts I wish I had when I started pouring my heart out on paper.

Explore your feelings, thoughts, and get to know yourself in depth.

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"It’s not my first book from Motamo and definitely not the last! It is well describe, well illustrated and very helpful for your thoughts! It’s a must to have in you routine for a peaceful mind!"

"Amazing tool !! Love the fact that it is an easy way to start. Made my day better just by receiving it ! Looking forward for more tools from Motamo !"

"I only came to the realization that I needed to journal after I began practicing it, and this simple habit has significantly improved my life in various ways."

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Reminders on the left and journal prompt on the right side. Challenging prompts to help you reflect and write about things you would not necessary write about on your own.

1 prompt a day for 30 days

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french edition

Available in french

Introduction to journaling french edition is available in 4 different colours.

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