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Introduction to journaling - 1 prompt a day for 30 days (Taupe)

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A 30-day journaling book to help you kickstart your writing habit and develop a daily writing practice.


With one prompt a day for 30 days, this book provides a structured approach to journaling that makes it easy and accessible for beginners. Each prompt is designed to help you reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and to inspire creativity and self-discovery.

Whether you're looking to improve your mental health, boost your creativity, or simply explore your inner world, this journaling book is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals. With its clear and concise instructions, it's never been easier to start journaling and reap the benefits of a daily writing practice.


Here's what this book offers you:
  • Monthly tracker
  • 30 Daily prompts
  • Daily custom page to answer
  • 30 Daily reminders
  • 1 bonus prompt to help you plan the next month

Start your writing journey today with 30 Days of Journaling by MOTAMO, the ultimate guide for beginners to build a daily writing habit.