Journal #1 | What did you learn from June ?

One big lesson from June and the previous months

July 1rst 1:22 am

Stop fighting to get back to that previous version of yourself. The one that feels more “convenient” or “comfortable” than your current version. Life changes and so are you. We adapt and what worked yesterday might not work today. Or on the contrary; what seemed impossible yesterday might happen today. 

Don’t stay stuck in your old ways of thinking. We hold on to what we know (the past) but we can literally build and rebuild a different future every minute of our life if we remind ourselves that all we got is now. WE are this moment.

The quicker we accept the fact that everything changes all the time, the more we can focus on the future and tap into our potential. No holding up to what once was. I learned that we create our own barriers according to who we think we are. (job title)... and also how others perceive us. “ ah you’re the person known for being a __________ fill the gap with a job title.  

So we just stick to that given title even if we feel miserable… because it's "unusual" "scary" to change.

But like I said previously ; what worked yesterday might not work today. Meaning: “The job that made you happy yesterday might not make you happy today” And that’s totally ok. WE ARE MADE TO EXPLORE, TRY, DISCOVER, EVOLVE, CHANGE. Don’t resist the change. 

The day I stopped judging and doubting myself for stepping into the new version of me and leaving the past in the past, so many new doors and opportunities presented themselves. It’s a totally new reality from 6 months ago. Some days I wonder how I got where I am right now. I just flow, surrender and listen to my intuition. I try not to judge or resist any feelings. Don’t feel bad to change, for yourself, for others. 

So what I learned this past month is to never let a previous version of yourself get into your head. Your past doesn't define you. You are the present. You. Right now. In this moment. So tap into it. 


And you ? What did you learn from this past month ?

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