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Article: Journal #4 | Embrace your feels

Journal #4 | Embrace your feels

Journal #4 | Embrace your feels

This is one of those days where I really don't know how to get out of my head.

One of those days where I'm just annoyed with everything.

One of those days where I just feel like i'm a failure.

One of those days where I don't know what to do to feel better.

It's like everything is unclear.

What should I do ? Where should I be ? Who am I ?

Existential questions that makes we wonder if i'm on the right path.

Even writing this I feel like it's all shit. I'm judging myself so bad today it's crazy.

I thought that maybe writing a blog post about what's going on in my mind would help but I'm really not convinced that it will.

Not today. I don't know where this is all going but i'm trying my best not to "perform" as i'm writing this.

I'm not trying to write a good article, nor something that sticks together. Just practicing writing for the sake of it.

Today is one of those days where I feel like quitting everything.

And you know what's funny ? It's that I know that tomorrow or a few days later i'll read this and think to myself "Why did I even write something like this, my life is great and full of opportunities"

But for today i'll let myself feel like shit and not trying to avoid it by distracting myself. I'll feel everything I have to feel. Embrace it all. Right now I feel scared and unsure about the future, about my place in this world.

Later today it might all be ok. but for now that's how I feel. Embrace your feels. Let them in, then let them out. Tomorrow is another day,


- Yan

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