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Article: MOTAMO in a nutshell

MOTAMO in a nutshell

MOTAMO in a nutshell

Do you feel like you’re so caught up in day-to-day life that you can barely tell apart one day from the next? Is it impossible for you to take a step back from your routine and savour each moment a little more?

Guess what – you’re not the only one; in fact, pretty much everyone around you probably feels the same way deep down. Unless we’re forced to by our circumstances, most of us follow a linear path in life and get so engrossed in the monotony of adulthood that there’s hardly any time left for individual self-exploration.

Here at Motamo, we aim to break that exact cycle that seems so impossible to get rid of by many people! Our goals? Mindfulness, mastering the art of slowing down, and just allowing yourself to be in the moment.

Did you know decluttering your mind is the gateway toward greater self-care and can help you gain a sense of control over your life that you constantly feel like you’re losing? If you think taking a step back to pay better attention to yourself is a waste of time, we’ll let you in on a little secret: decluttering your mindset can help you improve your overall well-being in such a way that your long-term productivity is bound to increase multiple folds!

If you don’t let yourself rest when you deserve to, your body will have no choice but to reach a point where it absolutely burns out; and this might happen at an inconvenient time! With Motamo, you can embark on a journey of meaningful and intentional self-improvement, so you know when to step back and prevent your body from self-destructing.

We specialize in providing workshops and helping you build up habits that inculcate a sense of purposefulness in you. One excellent way to get started on your journey is by journaling and writing down your thoughts; it might seem pointless at first, but this habit has helped numerous people sort out their lives, and they’re able to feel more grounded in reality as well as connected to their true inner selves. At Motamo, we have super cool, minimalist, and artistic yet practical stationery that’ll make you want to start journaling.

When you build up a healthy morning routine and make sure you journal – even if just a little – every single day, you will see a tremendous change in yourself over time. It helps you untangle your haphazard thoughts and provides more structure to your otherwise busy life.

Motamo is not just a brand – we’re a community dedicated to living a slow life and achieving the highest sense of self-awareness so that every moment feels full and worth cherishing. It’s a way of living that helps you come closer to your deep-seated nature so that you’re able to live every day to its fullest and make decisions that are in tune with your true self.

Our timely reminders, prompts, and engaging visuals and graphics will help you achieve your goal faster and get you back on track the way you’ve always craved.

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