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Was doing the laundry and thought about what slowing down actually meant to me.  I’ve been told that from an outsider’s perspective, the “slow life” looks like you’re not doing anything, you say no to all the fun, parties and late nights. So here is a little something so you can grasp the essence of what it actually means and see how it resonates with you. 

… Because trust me, I’ve been enjoying myself a LOT this summer  WHILE slowing at the same time. It has nothing to do with being boring and avoiding parties. It has everything to do with living your life HOW you want to live it… for YOU. Not for anyone else.  

Maybe you’re tired of feeling tired, tired of saying yes all the time, tired of not listening to yourself, tired of seeing the time flying by, tired of feeling anxious…

Tuesday, 4:39 PM

Meaning of Slowing down 

SLOWING DOWN doesn’t mean to become lazy or boring, it simply means to take some time to actually listen to how you feel so you can realign in the direction you want to go.

It means to take care of your energy so you can make better use of it.

It means to make more intentional decisions while cutting out the noise and distractions. 

It means to become aware of your current state so you can make the right decisions according to YOURSELF not the outside world. 

It doesn’t mean you have to cut all the fun out of your life. On the contrary, it allows you to enjoy life even more because you choose to say yes to the things that excites you more often and not feeling bad to say  no to the things that drain you.

Resulting in more energy for YOU for the things that YOU want.    

When you just go with the flow without ever stopping you barely question anything

you go to places without asking yourself if you really want to go, engaging in meaningless conversations, saying yes to everything just because you don’t want to miss anything. 

You end up more drained because you decided to not listen to what our body and mind is trying to tell you. 

All this for what ? 

Because you think it will make you happier ? 

Because you don’t want to miss out on anything ? 

Because you want to avoid all the thoughts, feelings, questions and doubts you’ve been putting off for too long ? 

Maybe you’re not even aware of that either. And it’s ok.

But if you always feel like you're chasing after something, exhausted and feel like time flies by, maybe it’s time for you to slow down and pay attention to yourself.  

Slowing down allows you to CREATE SPACE for you to think clearly and CHOOSE what you actually want to do, who you want to engage with, places you want to go, the kind of fun you want to have. 


Some questions you can ask yourself to be more intentional  
  • Does my body need to rest ?
  • Am I trying to please people ?
  • Am I scared of saying no ?  
  • Does this decision align with my purpose ?
  • Do I really want to hang out with these people ? 
  • Am I being myself around these people ? 
  • At the end of anything ask yourself : Do I feel more inspired, energized OR drained ? 
  • Am I distracting myself from anything ?


Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below 


2 commentaires

Cette année je réalise beaucoup de chose et wow ce texte me rejoins au plus profond de mon être. Merci. Cette année @Motamo es ma découverte , un trésor que je chérie à chaque jour car il m’aide vraiment à Slow Down. Merci infiniment.

Brenda Lee

Thanks for sharing this amazing article. I relate 100%. I’ve always been a « go with the flow » type of person, really easy going and I now realize that the bad side of it is that I never really slow down! Following MOTAMO on IG and reading about your mindset really opened my mind on various important things I need/want to focus on. Thank you.

Valérie Laguë-Plante

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