The art of Slowing Down

The meaning behind the illustration on the first Motamo Beach Tote.

I told myself that if I were to offer a Motamo Tote bag or any other accessory, it would have to be meaningful. This illustration is literally my own vision of slowing down. You might wonder what it means… It actually represent the very first time of my life that I really understood what slowing down meant and how to quiet the mind.

When I was in Greece for a Reality Tv show I spent most of my mornings sitting on a chair next to a cliff facing the ocean with my coffee. It could get really overwhelming and those early mornings were my way of coping with anxiety.

Early mornings, fresh breeze, sound of the ocean and birds chirping… It was my own definition of a mindful morning. 

Since then, I kept doing the same morning rituals at home, during the whole pandemic.

This is when Motamo was born. There wasn’t even a name yet, just a vague concept about some planner that I would like to design for myself to help with my anxiety and overthinking.

So this illustration (that I drew myself by the way) represents the limitless possibilities that emerge from slowing down and taking the time to feel your feelings. By spending hours staring at the sun and the ocean I realized that the mind eventually settles down and when it does, you get all those crazy ideas and inspiration. You see life from a different point of view.

If ever you feel overwhelmed with life, close your eyes and picture yourself in the most peaceful environment. For me it’s sitting by the ocean with a sunrise, maybe for you it’s something else but I hope this illustration gives you the inspiration to find your own daily rituals that make you feel good.


About the tote: 

This bag is made of organic cotton, supplied by @c’est beau a Montreal brand who specializes in high quality basics. The illustration is designed by @Yan the Owner of Motamo. The design is screen printed by @Paula in a studio in Montreal as well
Illustration design time : 15h
Tote is designed and assembled in Montreal by @ c’est beau

Shop here : BEACH TOTE

Yan xx

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