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Article: Book Club - Being in Balance

Book Club - Being in Balance

Book Club - Being in Balance

Being in Balance by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


I recently read the book balance your life by Dr Wayne Dyer. It talks about our thoughts and how they influence our actions. It talks about the imbalance under different themes like ; Being and doing, addictions, how we se ourselves vs how the world sees us, etc.

He refers the imbalance as "the gap" between what we want and what we do.

I won't go in details though everything (9 principles) but I will share some thoughts on my reading. (and some quotes to support :))

“what we think we create”

“our thoughts shape our reality” 

You might have heard a similar saying…so if we think low quality thoughts we will produce low quality results.  those results add up to be our life. 

  • Is your life the life you have envisioned ? 
  • Does it match the “dream” you have for yourself ? 

To be able to answer these questions, you need to spend some uninterrupted time thinking about the following prompts;

  •  what’s your dream ? 
  •  your purpose ? 

It’s important to figure out what we want in this life. Make it as clear as possible. 

When your purpose is clear and you know where to go, you can adjust your thoughts and actions accordingly. 

eventually your thoughts shape the vision you have for your life. 

this vision, if nurtured long enough, combined with concrete actions (small steps in the right direction) will produce enough willpower for you take action that supports the vision you have. (small steps in the right direction)

Thoughts → behaviors (actions) →results  (repeat) 

Align your thoughts with your vision ; whether it is : financial, health, relationships, spiritual. Each sphere of our lives is worth spending some time thinking about what we want it to look like. 

The whole book is about rebalancing our life. to be more in the present, to look within and hopefully stop chasing.

Energy is currency

if we think of our energy as currency ( a limited supply) we will be more conscious about how we spend that energy daily. 

if we think about low vibration stuff all day like : what people think of you, stressful event that happened yesterday, someone who was mean to you, etc... we won’t have enough energy to think about all the things you want. 

it’s crazy when you think about it…  most of the time we think about stuff that we don’t want rather that stuff that we want. 

“i hope this doesn’t happen” 

Instead of saying 

“i’m confident that this will happen” 

See the difference ? 

The former comes from fear

The latter comes from love

We either live out of fear or out of love
Fear attracts : self-doubt, comparison, negativity, anger, stress, anxiety
Love attracts: abundance, hope, passion, confidence, purpose


All this to say that this book has really made me reflect over my own life and how I can apply the concepts highlighted throughout the reading.

You can find the book here : Being in balance

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